Mega Rare!!! New Old Stock (NOS) , DOD FX33 Buzz Box

The FX33 Buzz Box was DOD's attempt to emulate the guitar sound of Melvins guitarist/singer King Buzzo (a.k.a. Buzz Osbourne; basically a ProCo Rat distortion driving a vintage MXR Blue Box) in a single pedal. Using the FX69 Grunge circuit in place of a Rat, the FX33 goes far beyond the unpredictability of a Blue Box. Although we have never seen ad copy to corroborate this claim, the FX33 was supposedly marketed with the tagline, "It's not broken, it's supposed to sound like that." The FX33 Buzz Box was released in early 1994 and advertised as early as mid-1994, and serial number data imply it was available until sometime in 1996 (although production of circuit boards may have ceased in 1995). Because of its limited production and subsequent popularity among noise artists, the FX33 now routinely sells for over $100 in the used marketplace.

Price: RM799/=
NOS. First hand stock. Comes with warranty card,user manual,and box.
Distinguish yourself with this noiseart piece!

Marshall 3 brothers - Shredmaster, Drivemaster and Bluesbreaker Made in England

Marshall Drivemaster, discontinued, Made in England, RM780/=

Marshall Bluesbreaker, discontinued, Made in England , RM780/=

Marshall Shreadmaster, discontinued, Made in England, RM1080/=

Rare! Fulltone'70 Purple Version

Rare!!! Fulltone'70 Purple Version BC108B !!! Collector's item now, google it everyone post [WTB]!!! Circuit arguably closest to original Fuzzface!!!

Price: RM900/=

Murah ! Ibanez RG Tuning Pegs machine head Buatan Korea JH-1!!
Cuma RM100/set !
'While stocks last!'

D'Addarrio EXL170 Unpacked Bass Strings:
Gauge: .45-.100 (di kedai RM72-75)
2 packs for RM100
6 packs for RM250 --->Buy 6 packs only Rm41.70 per pack!!!*Free postage within Peninsular Malaysia

Dimarzio D'Activator

Out of Stock

Dimarzio D'Activator 7

Out of Stock

Gotoh with Magnum-Lock System


Gotoh with standard post string system


SOLD! Behringer GDI 21

SOLD! Randall RX15M Guitar Amplifier

SOLD! Vintage Toyama Jazz Bass Copy

SOLD! Super Rare DOD Buzz Box

SOLD! Vintage 1978 Coloursound Wah wah

SOLD ! Dimebag Darrell CFH wah wah
SOLD! Radial Engineering Tonebone Hotbritish


Vintage! BBE 601 Stinger
Price: RM550/=

SOLD! Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster

NEW! 99.99% LACE Alumitone PU

More Output,Increased Frequency Response,more Top End, more midrange, more bottom end, added benefit of reduced weight, 1/4IB lighter, recommended for LP user, frequency response is so broad that you may use it on Acoustic Amp to sound acoustic(Jeff Lace)
Available Now in Rockok Musical Instruments!!!
Status: IN STOCK NOW!!!
Colour Option: GOLD & SILVER finishes Available(NO BOX)
Price: RM550/set or RM280/= each
Wiring Support

SOLD! GnL CLF-100 Matched set of Single Coils PU

Genuine G&L CLF-100 single coil pickups as used on all G&L Legacy and Fullerton model guitars. These hand-wound pickups are made with pride in the historic G&L plant in Fullerton, California, by the same craftsmen that build the world famous G&L guitars and basses

SOLD! Dimarzio FS-1 DP-100 white (used)

Fits Stratocaster & Similar guitars
SOLD! Thanks Johan!

SOLD! Yamaha Pacifica 112M

Thanks Ken!

SOLD! Audible Disease Rupture RP-1 Handmade Insane Feedback looper

Thanks Wan!

SOLD! MI Audio Crunchbox


Thanks rabs!

Rick Gram Studio Tone Zone TZ-1 Woman Tone

The Woman Tone was designed to mimic Eric Clapton’s fat, sustaining Cream-era tone, and particularly to work in conjunction humbuckers. It works especially well when combined with the neck pickup of the Les Paul Standard for soloing, like Clapton’s own “woman tone” recipe, and I also like the way it sounded with P-90s. In shines in conjunction with the full Marshall tube stack, enhancing the tone but not overpowering it. It also added warmth to the solidstate Marshall combo.

Read the full review written by Lisa Sharken here

Harmony Central Review

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